Luxury Residences Far Beyond Typical Port A Condos

These large, luxurious residences are the newest addition to our Town Center, putting you in the heart of the community at Cinnamon Shore so you can enjoy live music, community gatherings, and fine dining at Lisabella's Bistro.

Set for completion in Spring 2019, this gorgeous building houses eight, incredibly designed residences that range from two to three stories each. They feature island-inspired architectural details and high-end interior design, with gorgeous wood finishes, upscale tile selections, and true coastal sophistication. Buyers can enjoy a luxury beach residence with no landscape to maintain and plenty of room to host family and neighbors. Plus, most of these residences have a private garage with plentiful storage for fishing rods and beach gear.


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Tradewinds Outpost




The interiors of the eight residences at Tradewinds Outpost feature finishes and color palettes pulled from the coastal landscape just outside. Also inspired by the mood and hues of the Bahamas and Bermuda, there’s an island elegance within each residence.

Design Inspiration

Here’s a look at the working design boards put together by Corpus Christi-based interior designer Courtney Rangel of C.G.R. Designs. These sample fixtures, finishes, and furnishings served as inspiration during her design process for the luxury residences at Tradewinds Outpost. “There’s a Bermuda green that I really like,” she says, pointing to the Bermuda design board for one of the residences. Another design is inspired by the colors of the Caribbean and its vibe. “It will scream Bahamas!” she says. For all the residences, her goal is to make sure owners know their vacation home could only be where there’s sand and sun, tides and dunes. “When they come here, they will feel transported the beach,” Rangel says.






Jim Kissling of Kissling Architecture, Bulverde, TX

Jim and his talented team respect tradition and strive to synthesize it in contemporary ways. With 30 years’ experience, Jim eschews a one-size-fits all approach, designing site-specific plans and working with homeowners in a truly collaborative way.

Courtney Rangel of CGR Designs, Corpus Christi, TX

A lover of good design from an early age, Courtney lives in a beach town herself and vacations in Port Aransas. Courtney got the call to refresh interiors at the realty office at Cinnamon Shore last summer, delivering a breezy, sophisticated look that epitomizes Cinnamon Shore style. It’s a talent that translates well to her residential work, as well.



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