Our Community Planner


Mark Schnell

Land Planner Mark Schnell of Schnell Urban Design, lives on the Florida Panhandle. He has years of experience studying the successful developments along Scenic Highway 30-A, designing beach homes, and creating plans for New Urban communities. New Urbanism promotes design elements that foster friendly interactions and small-town character—front porches, green spaces, and walkable streets for strolling, all in abundance at Cinnamon Shore South. He drew the original plan for Cinnamon Shore and offers an exciting new vision for the bigger, 250-acre Gulf-side design for Cinnamon Shore South. “I wanted Cinnamon Shore to feature as many of the elements of a great small town as possible in a 60-acre site,” says Schnell, pointing to the Great Lawn, Town Center, pocket parks and broad streets with paver sidewalks. “I’m using the same approach for Cinnamon Shore South, but I have a lot more space, so there will be an even wider variety of buildings and public spaces. And, with more than a decade of lessons learned, we have a chance to improve the design quality of every element.”

While the beachfront remains the star attraction, a 10-acre lake will serve as a focal point for the new community. Ringed with a one-mile walking trail, enviable home sites, two luxury pools, and a fishing dock, the lake will offer a scenic waterfront in addition to the Gulf. A Town Center will feature fine dining that still feels casual, along with bustling retail. Green spaces will offer room to relax and gather, and a boutique hotel and a spa and wellness center will attract guests and provide upscale amenities.