January 2019

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Cinnamon Shore beach homes inspire easy, ingenious ways to organize and relax, wherever you live.

Vacation homeowners maintain beautiful, clutter-free interiors, partly because they don’t have as much “stuff” to organize at their home away from home. That’s one reason you relax when you stay at a vacation home in place like Cinnamon Shore. At home, 20 coffee mugs may jam inside a cabinet. But at Cinnamon Shore, a matching set of six line up neatly on a shelf. Instant calm. Instant organization.

Borrow from these 10 ideas taken from select interiors at Cinnamon Shore. May they inspire you to declutter, corral what you keep, and relax -- even when you’re not at the beach. 

1. Line it up. Glass-front cabinets at Cinnamon Shore reveal all. But

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