Beautifully Designed, Built to Last

Walk up the front porch steps and into a Cinnamon Shore home and you'll find an expertly designed space that is classic, elegant and spirited with southern charm. Each property is brought to life by a team of expert architects, interior designers and builders and boasts a signature coastal style that emulates both the nostalgia of a classic American summer and more contemporary looks of modern architecture.

Homes here are not only beautiful—they're durable. Each and every property is built to endure the elements, giving you peace of mind that your investment can stand the test of time.

It's All in the Family

Cinnamon Shore’s realty team and mother-daughter duo, Jodi Peters and LeeAnn Peters, have been with Cinnamon Shore since it was just a stretch of sand. They have created their own family legacy at Cinnamon Shore and can't wait to help your family find your dream vacation home on the Texas Coast.



Homes Designed with Families in Mind

Family lives at the heart of everything we do at Cinnamon Shore, and home design is no exception. Living spaces are communal, with plenty of cozy seating for sharing stories or afternoon naps. Expansive ceilings and windows fill the space with sunlight and adjacent, open kitchens provide the perfect spot for gathering and conversation. Colorful coastal tones add a sense of serenity that it seems only the beach can offer, while perfectly placed accents make homes feel lived in and loved.

Homes like this—and the moments shared within them—are possible because we work with the best architects, builders and interior designers that Texas has to offer. Our partners utilize the most innovative tools and processes in the industry, making every single property built to last a lifetime.




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